Saturday, February 6, 2010

Female Tattoo Gallery

Stop! Please keep reading. All ladies wishing to get a tattoo should read this before taking the plunge.

A tattoo, unlike most things in life can't easily be discarded. Once a tattoo has been placed on your body it's there to stay. Not for a day, week or years but for EVER! Yes, if you make a mistake it's to late, your stuck with your tattoo for a lifetime. Imagine spending the rest of your life trying to hide the very thing you were once so proud of. The thing that was to enhance your beauty not cause you to be ashamed and disappointed. Don't think it can't happen to you, trust me it can very easily.

Statistics will tell you that over 40% of women who get a tattoo regret the decision a few weeks later. Most of them like you will be intelligent and know what they want so how is it such a high number make such a dreadful mistake.

The answer is simple. They get carried away with the idea of being tattooed and make a choice in an emotional frame of mind. They get excited and choose their tattoo design much to quickly. Don't make the same mistake as them. Take your time choosing the perfect design, colour, positioning and size of your new tattoo. So, how can you ensure you find that perfect tattoo?

Firstly RELAX, take your time and set a date for getting your tattoo at least 2-4 weeks from now. Search for your perfect tattoo on-line, at tattoo parlours and in books. Don't restrict your search remember your not in a hurry!

Take a look On-line for your perfect tattoo. For a One time fee of 20-30 dollars you can have access to a database of thousands of tattoo designs. An example is Chopper Tattoos.

The bottom line (no pun intended).

Why would you look to be paying nothing to find your perfect tattoo? If you can't afford another 10-30 dollars you probably can't afford the 100-200 dollars it's going to take to find a first class tattoo artist. You should NEVER ever shop around for a good tattoo artist. Good tattoo artists charge a lot of money because they can, they are in demand because they are good!

Of the two remaining options I would choose pay per tattoo. Yes it's more expensive if you're going to get more than one tattoo, but you get everything you need. You get a high quality tattoo stencil and a color reference. The tattoo stencil is essential as your artist will transfer it to your skin and use the outline to create the tattoo. The color reference will ensure you get a perfect color match. If you want to be absolutely certain your chosen design is perfect you can purchase special transfer paper. You print your design on this paper and then apply it to your body. This way you can "test drive" your new tattoo for a few days before making it permanent. How cool is that?